1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon
1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon

1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon

CODE: 816767
Volume: 750ML

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1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon is a renowned wine produced by the Beringer Vineyards in California’s Napa Valley. It offers a bold and complex flavor profile full of dark fruits, toasted oak, and intense spice. The unique flavor profile is created by aging the cabernet sauvignon grapes in a variety of barrels, including whiskey and bourbon barrels, which gives the wine a unique depth and complexity. The intense and delicious flavor of this wine has earned it numerous awards, and it is a favorite among sommeliers and wine connoisseurs.

The 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon is made with grapes that are handpicked from four different small vineyards, and blended to perfection by the winemakers at Beringer. This cabernet sauvignon is a full-bodied wine that is smooth and velvety on the palate. It opens up with aromas of dark fruits such as cherries, blackcurrant, and blueberry pie, and is followed by notes of spices, toasted oak, and licorice. On the finish, there is a hint of baking spices, minerals, and dark chocolate.

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