1731 Belize 7 Year Old
1731 Belize 7 Year Old

1731 Belize 7 Year Old

CODE: 842858
Volume: 700ML

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1731 Belize 7 Year Old is a rum produced by master distiller John Dore and is a special blend of Caribbean rums aged from 7 to 17 years old. It is double-distilled, giving it a smooth and mellow flavor. With sweet honey and spice flavors, as well as hints of oak, this rum is a perfect choice for sipping. The aroma is intense, with aromas of a damp rainforest and rich, earthy barrel-aged rum. Notes of dried fruit, leather, and molasses can also be detected. The finish is long and smooth, with layers of complex flavors. With such an impressive flavor profile, it is no wonder why this rum has been a popular choice for craft cocktails. Whether it is a simple highball with a citrus twist, or something more complex with layers of complexity, 1731 Belize 7 Year Old is always a great choice.

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