1800 Cristalino Tequila
1800 Cristalino Tequila

1800 Cristalino Tequila

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Volume: 750ML

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1800 Cristalino Tequila is a premium tequila produced in Jalisco, Mexico. It is made from 100% blue agave and aged in oak barrels for at least three months before being bottled. The resulting tequila has a pale straw colour and offers a smooth and mildly sweet taste. Its aroma is of sweet and light agave flavoured notes.


1800 Cristalino Tequila is a great choice for cocktails or sipping. With its smooth and subtle flavour, it is a good option for tequila-based drinks, such as margaritas or palomas. It also pairs well with simple mixers, such as club soda or grapefruit juice.

1800 Cristalino Tequila is a favourite among the tequila connoisseurs. Its balanced flavour profile is appreciated for its ability to elevate classic cocktails without overpowering them. Its light sweetness makes it a go-to for those looking for a delicious and smooth sip. Plus, with its reasonable price, it's an affordable way to enjoy premium tequila.

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