19 Crimes Cali Rose
19 Crimes Cali Rose

19 Crimes Cali Rose

CODE: 845026
Volume: 750ML

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Cali Rose is a rose-style wine from the winemaker,19 Crimes. This wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in California and blended with Semillon and Chardonnay grapes. It has aromas of fruits such as ripe strawberries, peaches, and red apples, as well as floral notes. On the palate, this wine is smooth and crisp, with juicy, ripe flavors of raspberries and sweet apples, and a hint of minerality. This rose has an alcohol content of 13%, which makes it a pleasant sipping option. It tastes great on its own, or as an accompaniment to a variety of dishes. For example, this wine pairs perfectly with antipasti, salads with light dressings, and spicier dishes like paella or rice. Cali Rose is an excellent choice for any occasion, from casual gatherings to more formal parties.

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