35 Sherry - Okanagan Cellars
35 Sherry - Okanagan Cellars

35 Sherry - Okanagan Cellars

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The Okanagan Cellars was established in 1994 in British Columbia, Canada with its first wine produced from locally-grown grapes. This winery has grown to become a premier destination for award-winning sherry. Sherry, also known as fortified wines, were developed centuries ago and have continued to be a popular beverage in Europe and areas of Spain. The Okanagan Cellars has several varieties of sherry and some rare aged sherry as well. The tasting room offers a range of tastes, from intense and dry to sweet and fruity.


The Okanagan Cellars is home to various types of sherry aged in a variety of barrels, each imparting its own flavor and complexity. Most of the sherry produced by the winery is has been aged in American and French oak barrels. The range of sherry available includes both traditional and modern styles. From dry Manzanilla to sweeter cream and Pedro Ximinez varieties, the selection is distinguished by its concentration, flavor and aroma.

The Okanagan Cellars offers a unique experience for the sherry enthusiast. The winery has a knowledgeable staff that can help you choose the right sherry for your palate.


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