'88 Hammer Pants Pale Ale
'88 Hammer Pants Pale Ale

'88 Hammer Pants Pale Ale

CODE: 860535
Volume: 4*473ML

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'88 Hammer Pants Pale Ale is a vibrant beer brewed to honor an iconic fashion statement from the late 1980s. This pale ale is light in color with a straw hue. It pours smooth with a slight hint of citrus on the nose. The first sip will bring waves of hop bitterness with hints of cracker and biscuit maltiness throughout. The light body and balanced finish make this beer a highly drinkable brew perfect for any occasion. Its moderate alcohol content (5.2%) makes for a pleasant drinking experience that won't have you feeling too full. Whether you want to celebrate an '80s themed dress up party or just embrace the classic fashion look, '88 Hammer Pants Pale Ale is a great choice.

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