Aberfeldy 18yr Old (bolgheri)
Aberfeldy 18yr Old (bolgheri)

Aberfeldy 18yr Old (bolgheri)

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Volume: 750ML

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Aberfeldy 18yr Old is an exceptional single malt Scotch Whisky from the Highland region of Scotland. Distilled at the Aberfeldy distillery, this 18 year old spirit embodies the unique character of the region, characterised by its mild, slightly sweet flavour profile and soft, light body.


The whisky is matured in specially-selected casks from the renowned Bolgheri region in Italy. The wine-soaked casks impart an added layer of complexity to the malt, balancing the natural sweetness with a subtle savoury note. The end result is a smooth and refined whisky with hints of biscuit, toffee, honey, citrus and floral aromas.


A heady combination of flavours awaits the drinker of Aberfeldy 18yr Old. The bouquet opens up with a surge of spices, which gives way to a pleasing sweetness on the palate. Notes of toffee and caramel appear on the mid-palate, leading to an inviting finish of nutty aromatics and gentle oak.

This whisky is ideal for sipping neat or enjoying with a few drops of water. It is also an excellent accompaniment for desserts, pairing particularly well with chocolate-based treat.

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