Absolut Mango Mule Cocktail 4pk
Absolut Mango Mule Cocktail 4pk

Absolut Mango Mule Cocktail 4pk

CODE: 855522
Volume: 4*355mL

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The Absolut Mango Mule Cocktail 4PK makes the perfect warm-weather companion with its ultra-refreshing mango-infused flavor. Crafted with Absolut vodka, lime and mango juice, this pre-mixed cocktail is delightful,easy to make and exceptionally delicious. Plus, each can provides a modified version of the traditional Moscow Mule; separating it from other drinks.


The cocktail has a bright, citrus aroma with a hint of mango sweetness. Its flavor is smooth,yet refreshing and the mango juice provides a great balance, blending with the tart lime flavor from the vodka. The Absolut Mango Mule has a mild tartness and a subtle sweetness that leaves an enduring finish.


What really sets this cocktail apart, however, is its convenience. This 4-pack of pre-mixed drinks eliminates the hassle of prepping drinks. And if you want to make it even easier, you can pour the contents of the can over a glass of ice-cold ginger beer. Serve it with a lime wheel or a sprig of mint for an extra burst of flavor.

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