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Absolut is a type of spirit produced by the Swedish vodka company Absolut Vodka. Absolut is produced using natural ingredients, including winter wheat, spices, and water from a deep artesian well. The distilling process used by the company includes a continuous distillation process, which helps to maintain the distinctive taste of the vodka. Absolut is known for its distinctive shape, clean taste, and smooth texture. The company's flagship flavor is Absolut Original, a smooth, clear vodka that is perfect for use in cocktails.


Absolut also produces a variety of flavored vodka options, including Absolut Citron (lemon), Absolut Mandrin (orange), and Absolut Pears. All of these flavored vodka options are bottled with flavorful natural fruit juices, making them particularly delicious in cocktails.


Absolut is also known for their unique and striking bottle designs. Every bottle of Absolut Vodka has a unique design, and the company also sponsors advertising campaigns that feature creative and memorable designs.

Absolut is a premium vodka that is perfect for cocktails as well as for sipping on its own. Its smooth texture and distinct flavor make it a popular choice among vodka connoisse.

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