Adictivo Tequila Anejo
Adictivo Tequila Anejo

Adictivo Tequila Anejo

CODE: 813690
Volume: 750ML

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Adictivo Tequila Añejo is a premium 100% agave tequila crafted in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. It is aged 24 months in oak barrels with full bodied vanilla, spice, and oak aroma as well as flavors of caramel and butterscotch. This smooth, full-bodied and complex tequila is best enjoyed neat or in a cocktail.


Adictivo Tequila Añejo is perfect for making the ideal Margarita, Mexican Mule or Paloma. It has won gold medal accolades in prestigious international tastings in Spain, USA, and Mexico, the ultimate evidence that Adictivo is a true quality tequila.

Adictivo's unique features guarantee a tequila experience like no other, delivering a well balanced full-bodied taste that is smooth and flavorful. It is an award-winning tequila of remarkable quality. Each sip is a reminder of ageless Mexican tradition and artisanship.

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