Alberta Premium Rye 1.14l
Alberta Premium Rye 1.14l

Alberta Premium Rye 1.14l

CODE: 743098
Volume: 1.14L

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Alberta Premium Rye 1.14L is a premium Canadian whiskey that offers an exceptionally smooth and distinct flavor. This spirit is made from 100% Rye grains that are grown locally in Alberta, and is distilled five times through copper pot stills. All of the production is done in-house, allowing them to maintain an extremely high standard of quality. It features notes of sweet corn, honey, toasted oak, and spice. With its light but layered flavor, it makes it a great choice for a variety of cocktails or as an after-dinner sipper. Its distinct taste gives Alberta Premium Rye 1.14L a unique personality, and is sure to please even the most discerning palette.

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