Alberta Premium Rye (pet)
Alberta Premium Rye (pet)

Alberta Premium Rye (pet)

CODE: 54213
Volume: 1.75 L

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Alberta Premium Rye (PET) is a Canadian whisky made from 100% Canadian rye grains. It is produced in Calgary, Alberta, by Alberta Distillers Ltd. This whisky is dark gold in color with a natural and distinctive flavour. The nose is rich and grainy with a hint of spiciness. On the palate, it has a smooth and creamy texture with a slight sweetness, notes of warm baking spices, and a smooth finish.


With its distinctive flavor and smooth finish, Alberta Premium Rye (PET) is ideal for sipping straight, or as part of a classic whisky-based cocktail. It is also a popular choice for mixing in eggnog and hot toddies. The whisky can also be used in cooking for imparting the distinctive rye taste and aroma. Roast chicken, pork chops, and beef are all enhanced by adding a dash of this whisky.

The popularity of Alberta Premium Rye (PET) whisky has increased over the years due to its quality and flavor. This whisky is a perfect base whisky for all cocktails, both classic and modern, and is considered to be one of Canada’s top whiskies.

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