Alberta Premium Rye
Alberta Premium Rye

Alberta Premium Rye

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Volume: 750ML

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Alberta Premium Rye Whisky is a Canadian rye whiskey produced by Alberta Distillers in Calgary, Alberta. Alberta Distillers is the world's largest producer of rye whisky and has been crafting the whisky since 1923. Alberta Premium Rye whisky is made from 100% Alberta-grown rye, combined with the pure glacial waters of Alberta. The whisky is double distilled and aged in oak barrels for 6 years before it is blended to perfection.


Alberta Premium Rye is a light- to medium-bodied whisky that offers a smooth yet spicy flavor. The aroma is mellow and balanced, offering notes of vanilla, caramel, nutmeg and rye grains. The whisky's finish is warm, smooth and slightly dry with a hint of smokiness.


Alberta Premium Rye is a great whisky for sipping on its own or mixing in a classic cocktail like a Manhattan or Old-Fashioned. This rye whisky is a great choice for a party drink; its unique, spicy flavor is sure to please a crowd. Alberta Premium Rye whiskey is also a great option for barbecues or chili night, as its smooth yet flavorful character pairs nicely with many hearty foods.

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