Alberta Springs Whiskey
Alberta Springs Whiskey

Alberta Springs Whiskey

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Volume: 375ML

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Alberta Springs Whiskey is an award-winning Canadian spirit hailing from Alberta, Canada. Distilled by Alberta Distillers Ltd, the whiskey has been around since 1958. It is made from Canadian grains including rye, wheat, barley, and corn. The blend is aged in white oak barrels for a minimum of three years, to create a bourbon-style whiskey with a light and slightly sweet taste.


The nose on Alberta Springs Whiskey is pleasant, with notes of honeycomb, cereal grains, and oak. On the palate, the whiskey is light and slightly sweet, with a mild heat from the rye. There are flavors of leather, toffee, and hints of fruit. The finish is dry and smooth, with a lingering sweetness.

Alberta Springs Whiskey is a great choice for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in whiskey-based cocktails. And it’s also an excellent base for whiskey-infused foods, such as sauces and glazes. Due to its light and slightly sweet flavor, it pairs well with a variety of sweet and spicy ingredients.

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