Alize Red
Alize Red

Alize Red

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Volume: 750ML

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ALIZE red is an alcoholic beverage featuring a blend of cognac, premium Caribbean rum, and exotic natural fruit flavors such as cranberry, raspberry, and strawberry. Made by the family-run French company ALIZE, this refreshing cocktail is marketed as the "elixir of paradise." In addition to its great taste, ALIZE red contains 0% fats, carbs, and sugar, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a guilt-free way to enjoy an adult beverage.


ALIZE is a brand that stands for wide-ranging flavor options, quality ingredients, and exclusivity. Alize red is no exception. Touting a distinctive flavor, Alize red offers a sweet, fruity cocktail that is meant to celebrate life and shared moments of joy. Its flavors come together to create a unique and complex drink, making this drink perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re enjoying a summer day on the beach, spending time with friends, or simply unwinding after a long day, ALIZE Red is a great choice. Its low calories and low sugar make it a healthier option for those looking for a tasty and guilt-free cocktail– perfect for anyone looking for a refreshing alternative to a traditional mixed drink.

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