Amalfi Apertivo Spritz
Amalfi Apertivo Spritz

Amalfi Apertivo Spritz

CODE: 832640
Volume: 4*355mL

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Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz is an Italian aperitif that is a blend of sweet and bitter flavors. This cocktail is made with Aperol, a bright orange, slightly bitter and herbal liqueur, as its base. It is then mixed with prosecco, sparkling wine, and a splash of soda water. Sometimes orange slices or olives are added for extra flavor. This light and refreshing cocktail is perfect for sipping in the summertime. It is a popular choice at Italian restaurants due to its sweet and fruity profile.


The Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz is a great way to start a meal. Its herbal and sweet flavors can help you unwind and relax before a delicious dinner. It is a great way to kick off a leisurely evening. It can be served alone or with a variety of snacks.

Overall, the Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz is a delicious and refreshing summer cocktail. It is the perfect way to start your night out and relax before dinner. Its unique combination of sweet and bitter flavors make it a great choice for any occasion.

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