American Vintage Hard Iced Tea Lemon12pk
American Vintage Hard Iced Tea Lemon12pk

American Vintage Hard Iced Tea Lemon12pk

CODE: 769843
Volume: 12*355ml

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Welcome to American Vintage Hard Iced Tea Lemon12pk! These tart and quenching iced tea beverages offer a timeless taste that can’t be beaten. Perfect for summer days sitting on the porch or during a night out with friends, the tart yet sweet flavor of this lemon tea is always refreshing.


Made with premium ingredients, this iced tea is made with real imported lemons, natural spring water, and premium Ceylon black tea. You’ll enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and tart with every sip you take. And because this 12-pack of cans comes in an easy-to-carry aluminum can, you can enjoy your tea anywhere you take it to.

The perfect accompaniment to any of your summer activities, American Vintage Hard Iced Tea Lemon 12pk is an easy and delicious way to cool down and unwind. With its bold and refreshing taste, this lemon tea will be sure to make your summer days and nights even brighter and sweeter. You'll want to stock up and have it on hand all summer long!

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