Angostura 1919
Angostura 1919

Angostura 1919

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Volume: 750ML

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Angostura 1919 is a highly acclaimed rum produced by Angostura Ltd in Trinidad and Tobago. The blend was created in 1919 and commemorates the company's founding the same year. It has since developed a solid reputation as an excellent sipping rum.


The rum blend consists of 14 different pot- and column-distilled rums created from an aromatic combination of natural spices and fruits. The majority of the blend is distilled from molasses made from locally grown sugarcane, and its flavor is full-bodied and fruit-forward. Notes of oak, vanilla, coconut, and coffee are said to be found in the flavor profile as well.


Angostura 1919 has won a variety of awards, including gold medals at the Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition and the International Wine and Spirits Competition. In 2016 it was rated the world's best rum in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

The rum is often used in premium cocktails, or enjoyed "straight-up." It makes an excellent accompaniment to rum-based desserts such as banana tarts or rum-infused cakes. With its sweet, yet rich flavor profile, Angostura 1919 is sure to make a great choice for any occasion.

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