Antiquity Blue Whisky
Antiquity Blue Whisky

Antiquity Blue Whisky

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Volume: 750ML

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Antiquity Blue is a premium Indian whisky from Radico Khaitan, one of the leading whisky makers in the country. This Scotch-style whisky combines the smoothness of malt whisky with a distinctive Indian flavour.


The nose is filled with aromas of honey, fruits, toffee and tobacco, while the palate is filled with notes of grains, nuts and spices. The finish is warm and buttery with a hint of oak.


Antiquity Blue Whisky is made with a blend of malt and grain whiskies with an aged character, making it ideal for both mixing and sipping. It’s perfect for creating unique cocktails, and its smooth taste makes it enjoyable neat.


Antiquity Blue is bottled at 43% ABV, allowing for a rich and full-bodied flavour. It also has a low chill filtration, allowing for the whisky to retain all of its natural characteristics.

It’s no surprise that Antiquity Blue is one of India’s most popular premium whiskies. With its unique taste and smooth character, it’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants a whisky that stands out from the crowd.

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