Appleton Estate 15yo - New
Appleton Estate 15yo - New

Appleton Estate 15yo - New

CODE: 842488
Volume: 750ML

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Appleton Estate 15YO - New Jamaica Rum is a delicious and complex aged rum that yields a balanced and exceptional flavor. It is produced in Jamaica's Cockpit Country from pure sugar cane jelly and pot still distillation. The unique blending and seasoning of the rum, combined with its 15-year aging process, results in an exceptionally smooth, yet full-bodied flavor.


This dark amber-coloured rum offers a complex yet balanced blend of robust molasses and oak flavors, as well as hints of spice, vanilla, toffee and brown sugar. Its finish is smooth with a slight hint of roasted nuts and smoky oak.


For those who crave the classic taste of a strong rum, Appleton Estate 15YO New Jamaica Rum is the perfect choice. Its high quality and aged characteristics make it the ideal ingredient for classic and innovative rum drinks. It is also delicious over ice or as part of a creative rum cocktail. The rum’s smooth and well-rounded flavor profile makes it an ideal choice for sipping neat or on the rocks.

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