Appleton Estate Taster Pack
Appleton Estate Taster Pack

Appleton Estate Taster Pack

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Volume: 750ML

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The Appleton Estate Taster Pack is the perfect gift for the rum lover in your life. This four-piece gift set includes three of Appleton Estate's award-winning rums and a vintage rums glass from Jamaica, resulting in a special and unique gift that will be remembered for years to come.


The Appleton Estate Taster Pack consists of four distinct items, all deeply rooted in the history of Jamaica. The three award-winning rums included are Appleton Estate Signature Blend, Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, and Appleton Estate Special Reserve. Each of these rums is distilled with particular care, and the harvests used are regularly awarded acclaim for their unique and highly sought after flavors. As such, rum lovers are sure to appreciate the quality of the flavors included in the pack.


The vintage glass from Jamaica is the perfect complement to the three rums included in the pack. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing glass, it also serves as a reminder of the rich and distinct history behind Appleton Estate rums. Its inclusion completes the special ensemble of flavor and history.

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