Ardbeg Ardcore General Release
Ardbeg Ardcore General Release

Ardbeg Ardcore General Release

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Volume: 750ML

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The Ardbeg Ardcore General Release is a limited edition whisky offering from legendary Islay-based whisky distillery Ardbeg. Ardbeg is one of Scotland's oldest and most renowned distilleries, known for its superbly peated Scotch whisky. The Ardcore General Release is a bold, intensely flavored whisky created to commemorate the brewery’s 200th anniversary.


This special whisky is composed of casks from three different decades, including bourbon barrels from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Each cask has been filled with the distillery’s signature heavily peated spirit and aged for at least 12 years in its cask. The Ardbeg Ardcore General Release offers flavors of salty maritime smoke, sweet almond shells, and smoky charred oak.


Ardbeg’s master distiller described the Ardcore General Release as “full-bodied and intense, with an aroma that entices us with rich peat smoke, chewy oak and exotic spices, all resting on a bed of luscious vanilla and honeyed fruit flavours.” As a limited edition offering of Ardbeg, this whisky is highly sought after from collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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