Arizona Hard Lemon Iced Tea 12
Arizona Hard Lemon Iced Tea 12

Arizona Hard Lemon Iced Tea 12

CODE: 864926
Volume: 12*355mL

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If you are looking for the perfect after school refreshment or midday pick-me-up, reach for Arizona Hard Lemon Iced Tea 12PK. This thirst-quenching tea is made with real-brewed black tea and a hint of natural lemon flavor. It has only back calories per serving—so you can enjoy an ultimate refresher with fewer worries. Each 12PK contains twelve 16 ounce cans with natural flavors and artificial sweeteners. It contains no preservatives or sodium so you know it’s a healthy choice. And the convenience of a 12PK is unbeatable! Perfect for bringing to a party, sharing with friends or just having some on hand when you’re looking for a crisp, refreshing drink. Enjoy a cold Arizona Hard Lemon Iced Tea 12PK today!

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