Arm Candy Milk Stout
Arm Candy Milk Stout

Arm Candy Milk Stout

CODE: 815191
Volume: 4*473ML

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ARM Candy Milk Stout is a unique and delicious craft beer, brewed by the folks at ARM Brewing Company in the north of England. Made with milk sugar and an array of specialty grains, this robust beer packs a delicious punch. This brew pours a thick, dark caramel-brown color and produces an aroma of roasted coffee, creamed milk, and cocoa. On taste, the beer is a balance of sweet and slightly roasty flavors with a creamy, milk-like finish.


The milk sugar found in Candy Milk Stout gives it a slightly sweet taste on the tongue and provides a smooth texture. It has a low ABV of 5.2%, making it an extremely sessionable beer that can be enjoyed multiple times in one night. This brew pairs perfectly with rich desserts, like chocolate cake and tiramisu. At the same time, the hint of roastiness helps it stand up to higher ABV stouts and porters.

ARM Candy Milk Stout is a creamy and easy-to-drink beer that can be enjoyed by people of all walks of life. From craft beer aficionados to those who are just starting out in the beer drinking game, this brew will please all that partake in its deliciousness.

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