Babe Blueberry Vanilla Ale
Babe Blueberry Vanilla Ale

Babe Blueberry Vanilla Ale

CODE: 800443
Volume: 6*355ml

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BABE Blueberry Vanilla Ale is a unique beer brewed by BABE Craft Beverages. It is an unfiltered pale ale with natural blueberry and vanilla flavors. It has an ABV of 5.8%, which gives it a light and refreshing taste. The blueberry and vanilla blend together to create a complex flavor profile with hints of sweetness and tartness. The beer is perfect for summer days, when you need something to enjoy in the sun. It is an excellent choice for those who want something light and flavorful, without being too heavy. Its blend of natural flavors make it a great beer for food pairings, particularly with desserts. The balance of the beer makes it enjoyable for both beer lovers and casual beer drinkers alike. Its color is a beautiful reddish-purple hue that stands out among other beers. Overall, BABE Blueberry Vanilla Ale is a delightful beer that is sure to please.

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