Bacardi Black Rum
Bacardi Black Rum

Bacardi Black Rum

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Volume: 1.14L

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Bacardi Black Rum is one of the most beloved dark rums in the world. It has been produced by Bacardi for over a century and its distinct, smoky flavor has made it a staple of cocktail enthusiasts for decades.


This rum is made with a blend of selected aged rums that are aged in oak barrels to create a smooth, dark, and flavorful spirit. It has a rich, smoky aroma that is complex and inviting. The flavor is slightly sweet and has notes of molasses, vanilla, and wood. Bacardi Black Rum is best enjoyed neat, or as the base of an exquisite cocktail.

Bacardi Black Rum has earned its reputation as a world-class rum due to its depth, complexity, and smoothness. It is perfect for any occasion, from romantic evening drinks to fun-filled nights out. With its unique flavor and timeless characteristics, it is sure to please any rum drinker.

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