Bacardi Gold Rum
Bacardi Gold Rum

Bacardi Gold Rum

CODE: 2808
Volume: 375ML

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Bacardi Gold Rum is a smooth, rich rum produced by Bacardi. The base rum is made from purified molasses and natural flavorings, and redistilled several times. The liquid is then aged in oak barrels, giving it a golden hue and distinctive flavor. This particular rum has a sweet, slightly smoky and woody flavor, with a hint of vanilla, raisins, and cherries. It is especially popular for use in cocktails, which benefit from the sweet and complex flavors.


Bacardi Gold Rum has an alcohol content of 40 percent, making it a popular choice for those looking for a stronger rum. With its high proof, it can easily stand up to other flavors in a cocktail and contribute to a better flavor profile. As well as being used for cocktails, it can also be enjoyed neat or even on the rocks. It can also be used in various cooking dishes, enhancing the flavors with its sweet and smoky profile.

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