Bacardi Raspberry
Bacardi Raspberry

Bacardi Raspberry

CODE: 820591
Volume: 750ML

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Bacardi Raspberry is a special sipping rum from the popular spirits brand, Bacardi. Produced in Puerto Rico, it's flavoured with real Raspberries for a tart and fruity kick. With sweet pineapple and passion fruit undertones, Bacardi Raspberry stands out with its smooth and mellow flavour. And at 30% alcohol by volume, it's the perfect rum for sipping neat or in a delicious cocktail.


When it comes to cocktails, Bacardi Raspberry can be used in all sorts of ingredients to create an incredible tipple. It's the ideal rum for piña coladas, daiquiris and margaritas. Its subtle fruity notes also pair perfectly with other ingredients like lemon or lime juice, coconut and grenadine.


It's also worth noting that Bacardi Raspberry is low on calories when compared to other sipping rums, with just 113 calories per 35ml serving. This makes Bacardi Raspberry a great sipping rum for those looking to watch their calorie intake.

Overall, Bacardi Raspberry is a delightful sipping rum with a unique raspberry flavour. Whether you're behind the bar or sipping neat, Bacardi Raspberry is sure to hit the spot.

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