Bacardi Superior Rum 3l
Bacardi Superior Rum 3l

Bacardi Superior Rum 3l

CODE: 179283
Volume: 750ML

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Bacardi Superior Rum is an iconic triple-distilled white rum that has been produced over 135 years. Made with the same recipe today as it was when it was first made in 1862, this versatile rum is the perfect choice when it comes to creating classic and modern cocktails. With its smooth and balanced flavor, Bacardi Superior Rum is sure to make a lasting impression. This 3-liter bottle is perfect for serving guests at a party, or for stocking up on your favorite rum.


Bacardi Superior has a light, golden colour and a clean, medium-bodied flavour profile that delivers notes of pineapple, lemon, and orange. Its finish is dry, but pleasantly sweet. It is a good choice when seeking to mix a delicious daiquiri or mojito. Its mellow and citrusy flavor also makes it a great option for creating classic punch recipes, or simply sipping on neat while enjoying a sunny afternoon.

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