Barefoot Red Moscato
Barefoot Red Moscato

Barefoot Red Moscato

CODE: 761574
Volume: 750ML

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Barefoot Red Moscato is a fruity and sweet white wine that pairs perfectly with a range of foods, from cheeses to fruits. Known for its low alcohol content and affordable price tag, this off-dry variety of Moscato is also bursting with flavorful notes of peach, honey, tangerine and lychee. Many Red Moscato lovers appreciate the vibrant taste, and ideal balance between sweet and tart. The wine itself is a beautiful dark red color, and when served at the ideal temperature (slightly chilled) enhances any gathering. In addition to having great taste, Barefoot Red Moscato is an amazing all-around option for entertaining. Its light body is also perfect for complementary pairings with lighter fishes, like flounder or halibut. Topped with a delicious side of fresh vegetables and greens, this Moscato will help create a perfectly unique dinner. Whether enjoying a few glasses solo or sharing with friends, Barefoot Red Moscato is an idyllic choice for any wine enthusiast. With the ability to enhance flavors in food and carry a conversation, this wine could quite easily become a favorite.

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