Baron Samedi Spiced Rum
Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

CODE: 823541
Volume: 750ML

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Baron Samedi Spiced Rum is a new spiced rum from the Caribbean that celebrates the traditional Vodou spirit of the same name. It is made with a blend of rums that have been distilled from Demerara and Trinidad & Tobago, then expertly blended and infused with natural spices and vanilla. The aroma is rich and filled with toasted almond, vanilla, allspice, and ginger notes. The taste is smooth and sweet with hints of exotic spices, toasted sweets, and a hint of warm spice. The name Baron Samedi Spiced Rum recognizes the mysterious figure in the Vodou religion that is also known as Baron Saturday. This spirit is traditionally associated with death, the afterlife, and graves. Furthermore, he is believed to influence the physical and spiritual worlds by visiting the Crossroads between them. Baron Samedi is designed to be sipped neat or combined with your favorite mixer. There are several cocktail recipes available for purchase on the official website, as well as a book featuring 70 recipes for the perfect Elixir of Baron Samedi Spiced Rum cocktail. Some of the classic cocktail recipes include a Zombie, Painkiller, Mai Tai, Daiquiri, and Mojito.

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