Bask Crisp Rose
Bask Crisp Rose

Bask Crisp Rose

CODE: 832206
Volume: 750ML

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Bask Crisp Rose is an apple-like variety of fruit that is highly sought after in the culinary world. With beautiful blush pink skin, and crisp white flesh, the Bask Crisp Rose can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. The sweet and slightly tart flavor of this variety makes it perfect for baking, eating raw, and adding to salads. The Bask Crisp Rose has a thicker skin than traditional varieties, making them more ideal for pickling and preserving. Their firm flesh also makes them stand out in sauces, pies and cobblers, as well as a brilliant addition to salsas and other dishes with strong flavors. Packed full of vitamin C and fiber, this apple-like variety is excellent for your health. Bask Crisp Roses have a slightly longer shelf-life than standard apples, making them perfect for transportation and storage for longer periods. If you're looking for a unique and tasty variety of apple-like fruit, the Bask Crisp Rose is the perfect choice. With its beautiful pink hue and crisp white flesh, it's sure to please your taste buds and your health.

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