Bask Variety Pack
Bask Variety Pack

Bask Variety Pack

CODE: 845507
Volume: 12*355ml

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The Bask Variety Pack is a special collection of gourmet food items from the popular Bask brand. The pack contains a selection of savory snacks, jams, and spreads ideal for any occasion. It serves as a perfect introduction to Bask's lineup of delicious products. The Bask Variety Pack includes an assortment of savory items, including two-ounce bags of Nuts & Berries, a nut-and-dried-fruit trail mix with walnuts, almonds, raisins, pepitas, and cranberries. The pack also includes a 2.3-ounce jar of Bask's popular sweet-spicy-sour Apple & Pear Jam, which is perfect for spreading over toast or adding a special touch to cobblers; three types of spreads—a sesame & olive oil spread, garlic mayonnaise spread, and spicy chili & garlic spread; and a Bask-brand 9-ounce container of Pesto, which is a perfect accompaniment to any pasta dish.

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