Bastardo Magaraci Bostavan
Bastardo Magaraci Bostavan

Bastardo Magaraci Bostavan

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Bastardo Magaraci Bostavanje is a traditional Bosnian folk dance. It is a joyous celebration, with both men and women taking part. The dance begins with the lead dancer, usually a man, inviting the entire group of dancers to join him in the circle. The music is traditionally played on a drum or other percussion instrument. During the dance, the lead dancer moves in a counter-clockwise direction, while the group follows him in a circle, performing various hand clapping and twirling movements. The dancers continue to weave in and out of the circle while performing a variety of playful choreographed steps. As the lead dancer moves faster and faster, the group will respond with equal enthusiasm, with everyone clapping, stomping, and laughing together. At the end of the dance, the lead dancer thanks everyone for participating with a special phrase. The phrase varies depending on the tradition, but typically includes a pronoun such as “hvala”, which means “thank you”.

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