Bavaria 86 Original 4pk Can
Bavaria 86 Original 4pk Can

Bavaria 86 Original 4pk Can

CODE: 830159
Volume: 4x500mL

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The Bavaria 86 Original 4PK Can is a beer from German brewing company Bauernopferbrauerei, based in Bavaria. This beer is a long-time favorite in the region and features a bright golden hue with aromas of spice and grass. This pilsner-style lager is light bodied, crisp, and refreshing, making it a great choice for summer days. The bitterness is subtle, coming from traditional German hops combined with malt for a balanced, flavorful finish. Bavaria 86 Original is a low-alcohol beer that is best enjoyed ice cold, making it the ideal drink for outdoor gatherings. It's an easy-drinking beer that everyone can enjoy, from beer lovers to casual drinkers.

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