Beaver River Pilsner
Beaver River Pilsner

Beaver River Pilsner

CODE: 837312
Volume: 4*473ML

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Beaver River Pilsner is a light and refreshing Czech-style Pilsner beer, brewed by Big Rock Brewery in Alberta, Canada. This pilsner beer has a distinctive hop flavour and aroma from Czech Saaz hops. The malts used in the brewing process give the beer a nice biscuit-like aroma, making it a smooth and easy drinking beer. The beer is pale yellow in colour, and is quite light and bubbly, with only 4.7% alcohol by volume. It has a mild hop bitterness that is balanced well with a subtle sweetness. The taste is crisp and refreshing, with a lingering hoppy finish. The relatively low alcohol content makes it a great choice for those who want a light beer that won't fill them up too quickly.

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