Big Peat Christmas 2019
Big Peat Christmas 2019

Big Peat Christmas 2019

CODE: 826200
Volume: 750ML

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Big Peat Christmas 2019 is a cask-strength version of Big Peat, the wildly popular Scotch whisky blended by independent bottlers Douglas Laing. This limited edition has a higher ABV of 58.9%, and is bottled direct from the cask. The blend is composed of malts from the Islay region, and has a heavily peated flavor profile. On the nose, Big Peat Christmas 2019 features notes of smoky peat, seaweed, smoked fish, and iodine. A palate of sweet dried fruits and vanilla complements the smoky, maritime aromas. The finish is lingering and slightly spicy, with a hint of menthol evident. This flavorful peaty whisky has been made as an exclusive release for the Holiday season since 2013. If you're looking for a special whisky to savor over Christmas, this is perfect. It's smooth, complex and full of unique flavor that lingers long after the last sip. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or however you like!

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