Bira! - South Africa Rum Bwcr 2017
Bira! - South Africa Rum Bwcr 2017

Bira! - South Africa Rum Bwcr 2017

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Volume: 750ML

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BIRA! South Africa Rum BWCR 2017 is an annual Rum competition held in South Africa designed to bring the world’s best producers of Rum to the forefront of the South African bar and sipping scene. The competition is judged by an international panel of industry experts and allows producers to showcase their practices, techniques, and craftsmanship. Each year the competition is dedicated to a different specific type of Rum. The 2017 competition is for aged Rum. This particular competition allows handcrafted distillers to gain recognition right alongside the larger producers. Entrants must meet strict qualifications to ensure all entries are of the highest quality. There is also an emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness, with steps being taken to ensure the distilleries are environmentally friendly and responsible. BIRA! South Africa Rum BWCR 2017 celebrates artisanal craftsmanship and encourages worldwide supporters who believe in the value and beauty of artisanal Rum production. Judges are invited to critique each entry and give constructive comments to ensure industry standards are met. In addition to the judging, the competition also hosts a series of demonstrations, workshops, seminars and food tastings to further educate the public about the different styles of Rum.

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