Bison Vodka Cafe 750 Ml
Bison Vodka Cafe 750 Ml

Bison Vodka Cafe 750 Ml

CODE: 841678
Volume: 750ML

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Bison Vodka Café 750 ML is a premium vodka that is distilled with the finest ingredients in small batches. The vodka is made with a special blend of premium sugar, natural spring water, and select grains, and is then distilled five times to deliver a silky smooth taste. The vodka is then filtered through a unique blend of natural ingredients that give it a rich, distinctive flavor. Bison Vodka Café gives off flavors of freshly-ground hazelnuts, hints of citrus peel, and a subtle kick of black pepper, all of which come together to create a luxurious tasting experience. The final result is a unique varietal vodka that delivers a smooth, enjoyable drinking experience.

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