Bisquit & Dubouche Vsop
Bisquit & Dubouche Vsop

Bisquit & Dubouche Vsop

CODE: 828110
Volume: 750ML

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BISQUIT & DUBOUCHE VSOP is a Cognac created by the House of Bisquit & Dubouche. This VSOP Cognac is made from a selection of eaux-de-vie from cognac’s Premier Cru regions, including Fins Bois, Bon Bois, and Borders. It has an inimitable smoothness and finesse arising from the carefully chosen eaux-de-vie. The nose of this cognac is of intense aromas of flowers, wood, spices, and fruits. Its palate is lovely and quite round, with a delicate balance between sweetness and woodiness. The finish is wonderfully long and full of extraordinary flavour. BISQUIT & DUBOUCHE VSOP is a fantastic after-dinner drink or to be sipped neat, and makes for a great gift for any Cognac enthusiast. It can also be enjoyed in a wide range of stylish cocktails.

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