Black Fly Vodka Grapefruit
Black Fly Vodka Grapefruit

Black Fly Vodka Grapefruit

CODE: 781115
Volume: 4*400mL

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Black Fly Vodka Grapefruit is an ultra-premium flavoured vodka made with premium Canadian vodka and natural grapefruit flavour. Its unique and intense flavour has made it a favourite amongst vodka drinkers. The aroma of sweet and tart grapefruit is balanced with a clean and smooth finish. The combination of sweet grapefruit and crisp vodka creates a flavour that is both distinctive and delicious. It's perfect on its own, or mixed in drinks and cocktails like a Cosmopolitan, or a Mule. Black Fly Vodka Grapefruit is made with the highest quality distillation techniques, and it is considered one of the best flavoured vodkas on the market. It is incredibly smooth and mild, which makes it perfect for any occasion. This delicious vodka is available in a variety of sizes, from single-serve bottles, to 1.75 litre bottles, so it's great for any occasion. And with its attractive design, it makes a great addition to any home bar or liquor cabinet.

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