Black Ice 15 Cans
Black Ice 15 Cans

Black Ice 15 Cans

CODE: 923334
Volume: 15*355mL

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Black Ice 15 Cans, from the makers of the energy drink, is a unique and convenient cold beverage that provides a refreshing, cooled down version of its energy-packed counterpart. Packed with 15 convenient cans, each can contains the same mix of Guarana and Taurine-based ingredients that give you a boost of energy when you need it most. Black Ice 15 Cans is perfect for those on-the-go moments, such as long days at work, late nights on the town, or any other lengthy period of continuous activity requiring some extra motivation. Packed with the same energizing ingredients found in a regular energy drink, Black Ice 15 Cans provides a great way to kick your energy levels back up to where they need to be. The convenient can size allows you to take your chosen beverage with you, wherever you go, and enjoy its benefits anywhere, anytime.

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