Black Tot Rum Finest Caribbean
Black Tot Rum Finest Caribbean

Black Tot Rum Finest Caribbean

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Volume: 750ML

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Black Tot Rum Finest Caribbean is a premium dark rum distilled in Barbados and aged in ex-bourbon barrels. This potent spirit has a deep mahogany color and a warm, spicy, sweet aroma. Black Tot Rum is a tribute to the fleet of the Royal Navy, which in 1970 officially ended its tradition of providing sailor with a daily ration of rum. The rum, which was given to the military personnel was famously known as The black tot. The aged rum is made from a selection of rums from Barbados, Trinidad and Guatemala, blended to create unique and smooth dark rum. The blend features a unique combination of flavors that include molasses, caramel, and toasted oak. The spicy and complex profile is further complemented by a natural sweetness that gives the spirit a velvety smooth finish. Black Tot Rum is the perfect mixer for a variety of drinks, such as classic Caribbean punches, tiki drinks, Old Fashioned’s, and Mai Tai’s. Additionally, this dark rum also stands out with its distinctive flavor when served neat or over ice. With its full-bodied flavor, Black Tot Rum is guaranteed to bring a taste of the Caribbean into your home.

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