Black Tower Rivaner
Black Tower Rivaner

Black Tower Rivaner

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Black Tower Rivaner is a German white wine produced by the Black Tower Winery in the Land of Rheinhessen. It is a blend of Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner, and a small amount of Riesling which is grown in this region on the hills surrounding the Rhine River. The wine is light and fruity and has aromas of green apple, honeydew, and melon. Its crisp and acidic finish makes it a perfect summertime sipping wine or accompaniment for lighter dishes. The history of the Black Tower Winery started in 1884 with the founding of the Heyl Zu Herrnsheim winery. The name of the winery was changed to Geheimer Rat von Kesselstatt in the 1950s. The winery is now the largest exporter of Rivaner in Germany, and also makes a range of other white wines from the region. Its black tower logo symbolises the history of the winery, representing the sturdy walls of the fortresses built to protect the region from invasion.

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