Blackadder Puff Adder Blended Malt
Blackadder Puff Adder Blended Malt

Blackadder Puff Adder Blended Malt

CODE: 817299
Volume: 700ML

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Blackadder is a delightful blended malt Scotch whisky crafted by master distiller Willie Macdougall. This stunning blend of shell-aged and barrel-aged malts is made with only the finest ingredients, creating a smooth balance of flavours. At first you will notice a slight smokiness from the shell-aged malts, combined with aromas of citrus fruit, honey and freshly baked bread. The sweetness is perfectly matched by a slightly spicier, cinnamon edge. The journey continues on the palate with a wealth of flavours, from the sweet red apples and candied citrus fruits on the nose to the mellow hints of oak and vanilla in the finish. With its balance of complex flavours, this whisky is perfect for sipping or mixing in your favourite cocktails. Try it neat with an ice cube or over ice to really bring out the best of its complexity. Whether you’re an experienced whisky drinker or relatively new to the spirit, Blackadder is sure to offer something for everyone. Its smooth, complex flavour profile is one that will be sure to please.

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