Blackbull 21 Year Old
Blackbull 21 Year Old

Blackbull 21 Year Old

CODE: 876407
Volume: 700ML

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Blackbull 21 Year Old was created by Master Distiller Robert Black as a way to showcase Scotland's finest malts. Made from a combination of single malt whiskies aged in oak casks for 21 years, the whisky exhibits a complex flavor profile with sweet, spicy, and fruity notes. Smooth yet powerful, this whisky promises an unforgettable experience with every sip. The whiskey has an intense and concentrated vanilla flavor, underpinned by oak and sherry notes. The finish lingers warmly with oak, spice, and a touch of sweetness. Blackbull 21 Year Old is a truly complex whisky that rewards exploration and repeated tastings. Enjoy it neat or as part of a cocktail.

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