Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum
Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum

Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum

CODE: 773930
Volume: 750ML

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Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum is a light, sweet infusion of island flavors produced in the Caribbean. It is made using natural vanilla and a blend of smooth rums from Jamaica, Guyana, and Barbados, which are then triple-filtered and finished with natural caramel. The result is a rum that has an unmistakably sweet vanilla flavor with a smooth, mellow finish. Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum is perfect for mixing in a variety of classic cocktails, such as the classic Daiquiri, or as a base for other drinks. It is also great enjoyed neat or on the rocks, with no other flavorings necessary. This rum is perfect for adding a hint of sweetness to any drink, or simply enjoyed alone as an after-dinner treat. The original recipe for Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum was created by renowned rum master sailmaker Ricardo Simmonds. Simmonds spent four years fine-tuning the recipe to create a unique Caribbean experience. Today, it is proudly produced by the E&A Scheer distillery, located in Curacao.

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