Blue Classic-ocean
Blue Classic-ocean

Blue Classic-ocean

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Volume: 480mL

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Blue Classic-Ocean Spirit Baijiu is a Chinese distilled spirit made from white sorghum, also known as “Kuidaore”. This sorghum is the same type of grain used to produce baijiu, and it is grown along the riverbanks of China’s Sichuan province. This type of spirit is characterized by its smooth texture, its soft, light flavor, and its clear color. The story behind Blue Classic-Ocean Spirit is rich and mysterious. According to legend, a Chinese alchemist crafted the recipe more than 1,000 years ago, and the recipe has been passed down from generation to generation ever since. The alchemist believed that he had managed to capture the essence of the blue sea in a bottle, and that the spirit could bring forth feelings of luck, courage, and strength. To make this unique spirit, a traditional baijiu liquid is fermented in ancient “stone ovens” using a combination of three types of brewing methods: the small jar fermentation method, the big jar method, and the distillation process.

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