Bodacious Smooth Red
Bodacious Smooth Red

Bodacious Smooth Red

CODE: 795462
Volume: 4L

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Bodacious Smooth Red is a bold and intriguing blend of rich, smooth, full-bodied fruit flavors. Blended from an array of deep, dark cherry, rich blackberries, and smooth red plums, this indulgent wine is a defining representation of the perfect balance between sweet and tart. The nose is filled with aromas of wild berries and cherries that hint at further complexity. On the palate, notes of blackberry, plum, and ripe cherry mingle together to create a palate-pleasing flavor that lasts in one’s mouth long after finishing each sip. The texture is soft and slightly chalky, making Bodacious Smooth Red one of the most extraordinary red wines of its kind. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, Bodacious Smooth Red is sure to become a favorite for many.

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