Bos Barbados Rum
Bos Barbados Rum

Bos Barbados Rum

CODE: 861790
Volume: 750ML

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BosBarbados Rum is an incredibly smooth, diverse, and multidimensional premium dark-rum blend crafted in the traditional Caribbean style. Sourcing only the finest rums from Barbados estates, BosBarbados Rum is crafted through a unique process where distillates from different aging periods, pot and traditional distillations are masterfully blended to create a premium-tasting, smooth, exotic spirit that is both different and complex. BosBarbados Rum is distilled in pots and treated with a time-honored Caribbean technique to ensure that its distinct flavor and character remains consistent. The aging process creates unique flavors, aromas, and colors that make BosBarbados unique and provide its discerning customers with a luxurious, smooth rum experience. This premium rum utilizes traditional and artisanal techniques, and is carefully tended for up to seven years in oak barrels to create a flavor-rich spirit. It has a mild aroma of molasses, dark fruits, roasted oak, toasted nuts, and sweet vanilla that serves as a flavourful backdrop to any drink.

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